On the 6th February 2018, Space X launched a Tesla Roadster into space.

Roadster in space

I cannot do that with my Tesla but what I can do is offer it to you as an out-of-this-world chauffeured car experience on your wedding day.

For your wedding, instead of the traditional, would you rather travel in something unusual and different?  Do you want to arrive in a vehicle that will be a talking point? Do you want to travel in luxury and style but at the same time feel like you are in a car of the future?

The Tesla Model S and it’s sibling, the Model X are unlike any other cars. When you sit in a Tesla, it feels like you are sitting in the future. It is luxurious. It is fully electrical. Everything is controlled through a central computer. It drives silently. It can drive itself.  It has zero emissions.  If all that isn’t enough, it has supercar performance – it is the fastest accelerating road-going production car in the world.


If you want to have an experience to remember then travel to your wedding in a chauffeur-driven Tesla.

My main car is a Tesla Model S 75D in metallic silver (a colour that looks so luxurious on a Tesla – reminiscent of an Aston Martin).  I can also provide a Model X with its Falcon Wing Doors.  The Model S is classy.  The Model X attracts the crowds.  Both a head turners.

If you would like to experience Tesla’s silent luxury on your special day, then please drop us a line on 01452 615566 or paul@cotswoldtesla.com.  We have teamed up with the UK’s foremost Tesla Rental company 3FEV, who can also provide a self-drive Tesla if that’s what you would like – get in touch to know more.

If you feel inspired to consider buying a Tesla yourself, please feel free to use my Referral Code. Just use the this link.

Paul Tucker