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This is the main car I use for weddings – the Model S 75D in Metallic Silver (see top image).

The Model S is Tesla’s luxury sedan.  Fully electric, the car runs silently and is an environmental champion with zero emissions.

Sitting inside the car, with it’s 17 inch touchscreen controlling most aspects of the car, many people say it feels like they are sitting in the future.  The car has adaptive cruise control, auto-pilot (it steers itself on motorways) and has the capability of being fully autonomous (although autonomy is not yet licensed in the UK).

It’s build quality matches other luxury vehicles with it’s leather upholstery and carbon fibre dashboard.  The door handles are flush and present themselves as you approach.

It also is the fastest road-legal production car in the world.  The P100D version of the car can do 0-60mph in just 2.28 seconds.  All current versions of the car can do 0-60mph in less that 4.5 seconds, mine can do it in 4.2 – which is plenty fast enough.  Acceleration is instantaneous (so no build up/power curve) which produces a feeling many describe as being on a roller coaster.

However, it cruises smoothly and with style, so if you don’t want roller coaster but you do want silent gliding luxury – then the Tesla can do that too.