Wedding Hire

As the name indicates, CotswoldTesla specialises in serving weddings and proms in the general area of the Cotswolds.  Essentially this includes Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and Oxfordshire.  So the Forest of Dean and the Malverns are in the region served, as well as the Cotswolds themselves.  As a guide, the region is bounded as far west as Ross-on-Wye, north as far as Droitwich, east as far as Oxford and Swindon, and south as far as Bristol.  Should you want a Tesla outside that area, that will need a bespoke quotation – or more likely, we will recommend you to a Tesla wedding car service in your area – there are a few of us dotted around the UK.

We want the car to be a memorable and integral part of your big day, so we want it to be immaculate when it first arrives to pick you up.  Unlike Taxis, we will have spent two to three hours cleaning, polishing and preparing your Tesla, inside and out, before you ever see it.  The prices we quote not only cover up to five hours with the car and driver making you feel like royalty, it covers the time to prepare a perfect wedding vehicle for you; and that is a big reason why wedding and prom cars cost significantly more than ordering a taxi.

When considering the prices below, please also remember that Teslas starts from £75,000 to over £100,000, so you are very much hiring a luxury vehicle with performance that matches and exceeds the fastest McLarens, Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis.

These prices include both the car and the driver’s time, plus prep time to make the car look immaculate for the big day, and decorating it with ribbons; not to mention being treated like royalty.

We do offer a Basic Hire rate on the Model S.  This rate will only cover a single trip and while the car will be clean, it will not have had the same level of pre-event attention as the normal packages.

The packages are for the Tesla Model S 75D.  If you would like a Model X then I can provide a bespoke quotation for that.

NOTE: Prices are inclusive of VAT.

NORMAL HIRE – Model S – £350

Have the Tesla and driver for a morning, afternoon or evening. This will be up to five (5) hours  – so whether you have the car for one trip, or for multiple trips, it will cost exactly the same as long as you don’t exceed five hours.  Few weddings require more the four hours so for the vast majority of weddings, this will be the price you will get quoted.

EXTENDED HIRE – Model S – £450

If you’d like the car and driver for more than five hours, then this will require extended hire.  It is expected that you will not need the car for more than 50 miles travel on the day.  If you do, then this may require a bespoke quotation.

BASIC HIRE – Model S – £240

This covers a single trip – either to the wedding, or to the reception.  This price does not cover the extensive cleaning that we normally put into preparing a wedding car.  The car will, of course, arrive clean and presentable, but it will only have had a basic wash and an internal hoover – the car will not have undergone extensive polishing, valeting and detailing.

All packages can be tailored to your own requirements on your special day.  We are very happy to quote for and arrange other touches, such as coloured ribbons and bows, flowers, etc.  Be advised that we cannot provide Champagne as the law would require us to have an alcohol licence – however you are very welcome to buy your own and provide it to the driver beforehand so that it can be in the car waiting for you on the big day.  We can provide the glasses/flutes at cost.

Prom Hire

PROM HIRE – Model S – £200

The Model S can accommodate up to four passengers. This price will provide a single trip to your prom but if you are travelling with friend, we can pick up on the way.

TAXI SERVICES: Unfortunately we cannot quote for chauffeuring people for events which are not weddings, funerals or proms.  The law requires that we would have to have a Private Hire Vehicle Licence for doing any kind of hire and reward work with the exception of weddings and funerals where no such licence is required.  The cost associated with getting and keeping a PHV Licence is prohibitive and therefore regretfully we can only do weddings (or funerals!)  We can offer proms because our partner company 3FEV, through whom all our bookings are taken, are licensed for proms.